Fall ‘10


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Time to Take Advantage of Lower
Construction Costs.

Lower material and labor costs translate to BIG SAVINGS for the consumer. At 4 Legs Architecture we will work with you to create that dream shelter, keep your shelter running strong for years to come.

Now is the Time For...

  1. Lower Operation Costs

  2. Fewer Health Problems from Overcrowding

  3. Designated Space for Vet Exams

  4. Easy to Clean

  5. More storage

  6. Better Quality of Life for our Companion Animals!

Capacity Needed More than Ever!

Current economic times has affected so many households and the common result was giving up a beloved family member. These drastic increases in unwanted animal populations has shelters scrambling to adjust to the need for more space and increased operation efficiencies.

Companions Welfare.

We believe strongly in the welfare of our companion animals that we will work with you to create a pre-design programming report to get you well on your way to your goal of a new or remodeled shelter.

All we ask is to pay us what it is worth.                   





Taking that first step in determining what is needed to care for our companion animals will make the difference between a quick fix and a shelter that will be running strong and energy efficient for years to come.

                 Sean J. Bujold, AIA