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“How can we put a price on the well-being of our companion animals?

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Building concepts for energy-efficiency

First and foremost is to design a building that requires little or no energy.
Reducing energy needs is the most cost effective means to achieve an energy efficient, sustainable building.

Lets start with the Basics!

SITE SELECTION: Place the building on the site to maximize the use of natural daylight.

PASSIVE SOLAR: This technology doesn’t cost extra and minimizes the need for mechanical systems. Better utilization of day lighting means less electric light use, more free heat in the winter and less cooling in the summer.

SUPER INSULATION: More insulation and less air infiltration work together with natural ventilation and high efficient heating and cooling. This saves money now by eliminating the need for larger mechanical systems.

Contact 4 Legs Architecture to discuss these and other
ENERGY EFFICIENT building methods for your shelter needs.

Taking that first step in determining what is needed to care for our companion animals will make the difference between a quick fix and a shelter that will still be running strong and energy efficient for years to come.

Shelters Going Green