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Budget Planning

The planning for a new or renovated shelter is exciting. The opportunities seem endless for a shelter to provide Better care for homeless animals; Improved animal health, Better adoption rates, Reduced animal stress, More efficient staff. But, with expectations comes the reality of budget constraints. What exactly will your dollar get you?

The Budget Basics:

Building • Site and Parking Improvements • Land Purchase • Water Hook up  Professional and State Fees • Furniture and Equipment.

The Project Expectations:

More Adoptions • Animal Health & Well-Being • Community Image • Staff & Work Flow •  Ease of Sanitation • Energy Efficient

Contact 4 Legs Architecture can put accurate numbers to your expectations and establish a budget to target for fund raising efforts!

Taking that first step in determining what is needed to care for our companion animals will make the difference between a quick fix and a shelter that will still be running strong and energy efficient for years to come.

Dreaming about a New Space!

“How can we put a price on the well-being of our companion animals?

We will work with you to create a pre-design programming report to get you well on your way to your goal of a new or remodeled shelter.

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                  Sean J. Bujold, AIA